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We bring hope and awareness through gaming

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We have free voice comm software that you can download and use to connect with fellow [WGC^] members.  Simply click the download button below!

Wait  what is GameVox?  GameVox is the official voice comm software for [WGC^].  It works just like other voice comms like team speak, vent and others so you wont have any issues.

Once installed open GameVox and click on this link
and it should automatically connect you to the official [WGC^] sever.

What is Gaming for Good? is a platform where you can get games for donating to charity. All revenue goes directly to Save The Children's Paypal where we track the data to give points in return that the donors can use to unlock games (for example Steam keys). Games are donated by supporting developers and publishers. is an initiative that grew out of the Gaming For Good movement that started in the AtheneLive community.

About Athene

Athene is a world-famous professional video game player who streams gaming videos to a YouTube subscriber base of over 700,000 people. If you play video games, you might envy Athene's job - gaming all day long and streaming videos of you and your friends playing. You might think a guy who gets paid to play video games on YouTube is pretty lucky. Well, he thought so, too – so he decided to give back – as he says – to help "dem kidz"!!!!

Moved by the needs of hungry children in Africa, Athene and his friends in the gaming community helped Save the Children raise funds for our relief efforts. With the help of a matching donation from DC Entertainment, the campaign raised over $1 million!

Athene visited our child survival program in Ethiopia as part of our Race for Survival event. Within 48 hours they livestreamed more than 12 hours and raised more than $200,000 to help open $4 million of program grants in conjuncture with the US Government Grant.

NOTE: Athene is NOT affiliated with [WGC^] nor does he even know we exist.  We are here to support his cause as our own.

Buy your games at g2a

And help SAVE the CHILDREN!

  Use g2a to get great deals on games and then if you choose, donate your savings to Save the Children.  You are doing something you're already going to do anyways and help make a difference at the same time.